quarta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2013

Bicycle/ Bike

Olá a todos!
Começei a fazer este projeto da bicicleta em paper Sculpture e Quilling, já há algum tempo, por causa, das encomendas, tive que parar várias vezes! já estava, sentindo falta de fazer paper sculpture, esta técnica, que gosto bastante, mas que ainda, 
tenho muito que aprender.  Na minha opinião fica bacana junto com quilling, que amo!

Para dar o efeito de tijolos, na parede usei Embossing folder da Sizzix, do Tim Holtz.
O efeito do tijolo, já meio desgastado com o tempo, fica bacana!

A cestinha de flores, usei a técnica de tecelagem, as flores, fiz franjadas

e as lavandas, com a ajuda de um agulhão.
As flores, que estão no alto da parede, usei aquelas tiras, que tem 
as cores graduadas,dão efeito bem bonito!

E finalmente a bicicleta, fiz em paper sculpture, técnica, que gostaria muito de fazer
um curso, mas infelizmente, por aqui e mesmo em outros Estados do Brasil, desconheço, se existe algum curso desta técnica.

Hello all!

I started doing this project bike in Sculpture and Quilling paper, for some time, because
of orders, I had to stop several times! was already, missing paper sculpture making,
this technique, which I quite like, but still, I have a lot to learn. 

In my opinion is cool with quilling, I love!

To give the effect of bricks in the wall of the folder used Embossing Sizzix, Tim Holtz.
The effect of the brick, has worn through over time, it is awesome!

The basket of flowers, used the weaving technique, and the flowers did fringed and lavender, with the aid of a needl.
The flowers, which are high on the wall, I used these strips, which has graduated colors give effect pretty well!

And finally the bike, made ​​in paper sculpture, art, much of which would make
a course, but unfortunately, here and even in other states of Brazil, unknown if there is any way this technique.

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  1. Wow ! I thought the bike to be some ready made die-cut or something like that..but you sculpted that ..??? Amazing !! The quilled flowers both fringed one and the cone ones are very pretty !

  2. Mihaela,
    Thank you for your comment, is a framework that will still put the frame

  3. Reusing with Quilling,
    The Bike was made entirely by hand, using the technique of paper sculpture, with stylet and scissors. thanks!!

  4. Great bike sculpture, Nati...Awesome composition of elements...Love it to bits!!!

  5. Beautiful combination of techniques. I've never tried to do a paper sculpture.
    Now you've got me interested! :)

  6. Awesome bike sculpture! I love your design of the basket of flowers, of course. But the added corner detail is perfect! LOVE it, Nati :)
    hugs from Texas,

  7. Wowww this is amazing Nati!!!
    Gorgeous work - love your design!

    ♥ Inger

  8. I love the two techniques combined....what a great idea.

    And your work is fantastic as usual

  9. Нати,чудесна работа!Много ми хареса идеята и изпълнението!

  10. Amazing!! Great combination of two art forms..loved the bike.

  11. It's so cuuute! A really big piece of art :)!

  12. Amazing paper sculpture Nati . Lovely bicycle.

  13. Excellent work, Nati! You can even see the spokes from the bicycle's wheels! Can't imagine how it must have taken to create this!

    Great idea to add the embossed card on the background and beautiful quilled flowers!


  14. I am so impressed with this creation!You are better every day!Congratulations!

  15. So very pretty! I love the bright flowers against the white background and bicycle.

  16. This is so lovely, I love the white bike which makes the basket of flowers stand out more.

  17. Your work is so beautiful Nati. I just love the simplicity and serene beauty your card generates! Keep inspiring!

    Nupur, Thrilling Quilling


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