sexta-feira, 4 de julho de 2014

Baiana Brasil!!!!

Olá a Todos,
A Baiana, é dos meus trabalhos, favoritos, já tinha feito uma, há uns tempos atrás, mas esta é especial para Copa do Mundo, para dar sorte ao Brasil no jogo de hoje, na torcida pelo Hexa!!! Nesta, coloquei mais o verde e amarelo, e claro; BRASIL, RUMO AO HEXA!

Hello everyone,
The Bahiana, is my work, favorite, had already made one some time ago, but this is special for the World Cup to Brazil for luck in today's game, cheering for Hexa! This, put more green and yellow, and clear; BRAZIL, TOWARDS THE HEXA!

As baianas, na torcida, pela Seleção Brasileira!!! Vamos lá Brasil!!!!
The Bahianas, cheering, for the national team! Come on Brazil!!

3 comentários:

  1. Wow! Amazing work. . Beautiful dancers. Regards

  2. As always your work is just perfect. Bad luck about Brazilian team

  3. Gorgeous dancers. The eyelet work looks like material. The bright color outfit is amazing. The details are beautiful, down to the tiny bracelets and jewelry. So sorry about Brazilian team but they should be proud! They went a lot further than USA and many others did :) hugs xo


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